What A Movie!

I watched Schindler’s List and tears slid down my face. Years ago I tried to read the book. It was so gruesome, I had to stop partway, then saw the movie and could finish the book. Now I see it again and it seems soooo much worse? better? I couldn’t wait for Oscar to leave the the women alone and get involved in saving his people (Jews). Once again, how do people live through such horrors? How could people say it never happen? Should be mandatory everyone see it.



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2 responses to “What A Movie!

  1. Ferryn

    Mom, you have a blog? I didn’t know. Keep posting to Facebook

  2. Yes, indeed, What a Movie!!! I was so moved and cried like a baby. I learned so much from that movie. I agree, it should be required movie watching. Have you seen the Pianist?

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