View from 92

My Aunt Beverly died on Good Friday, appropriately so. She had expressed many times her desire to go on. “Why am I still here?” I know she wanted everything to go back to like it was. Don’t we all? I must discipline myself not to be like her. She had good health, money, a good mind, a lovely home with her son, but she could not seem to be happy. I talked to her last fall, the last time I’d seen her, about letting go of angers, irritations, miserable memories. Her last words to me last week were, “I love you.” My sister had to tell me what she said, but in spite of her being in hospice, she was dying, but still aware of what was going on. We will miss her, but she is so much better off, considering she could not be thankful for all her blessings. I want to learn some lessons from her.



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  1. Kyle

    Danny you’re one of my biggest inspirations and I can’t even begin to imagine you with that kind of negativity. I imagine it can be tempting. I love you, and remain inspired by your writing.

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