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Computer Agony

I refuse to give up, but it is so tempting. If I hadn’t gotten into this writing business, I’d never had to suffer trying to learn how to navigate computers. After an agonizing two days, I finally uploaded my latest novel, Pine Cones and Magnolia Blossoms as an E Book. Now I need a paperback since most of my customers don’t do E Readers. I contacted CreateSpace, thinking they’d simply take the e book and change it into a print book. HA! The instructions are impossible for me to understand so I am imposing on all my younger friends for help. I got such a complimentary e mail from my grandson that made It worthwhile.  Back to the computer screen.


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Remembering Ben Clayton has been the pick for

Remembering Ben Clayton has been the pick for Baytown Reads. Not my type, I thought, but once I got into it, I couldn’t stop. It was paperback, tiny print, had to read in the morning while I could almost see it. Ever read a novel in which the protagonist dies on the first pages? Not much flashback, but lots of mystery and intrigue to keep you turning the pages. Many TX places and areas are settings, almost become characters – Abilene, San Antonio, Ranger, Austin. Stephen Harrigan (TX Monthly) is the author. The library had him to speak, very well done to catch our interest without giving anything away.

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May 9, 2013 · 2:16 pm